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Kiyoe Parisien

Born and raised in Japan, a resident of the U.S.A. since 1994.
Currently resides in Eugene, Oregon.

B.A. in Linguistics, University of Oregon
B.A. in English literature, Seisen University, Tokyo
M.S. in Translation, Babel University Professional School of Translation, Hawaii

[Professional Experience]
Had worked for the pre-press specialist Seikosha Hawaii and engaged in translation, desktop publishing and editing, until going independent in 2000.
Experienced in various genres of English-Japanese and Japanese-English translation, including internal materials for global Fortune 500 companies, e-learning content, marketing materials, websites, and fiction and non-fiction publications. Currently teaches at Master program at Babel University Professional School of Translation, and also serves as an academic advisor.

パリジェン 聖絵


米国オレゴン州 オレゴン大学人文学部言語学科卒 学士号取得

清泉女子大学文学部英文学科卒 学士号取得
バベル翻訳外語学院英語本科 修了
バベル翻訳専門職大学院文芸・映像専攻 修士号取得


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